Project bibliography

1. Metsamor (Armenia): Preliminary Report on the Excavations in 2013, 2014 and 2015,
Polish Archeology in the Mediterranean 25
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Ashot Piliposyan, Mateusz Iskra, Hasmik Simonyan.
This is the first publication of the APAMM research results from the three initial seasons of fieldworks on the site. The report describes the results of the exploration conducted at House I and the S1 (pit house), as well as summarizes the results of the test trench set at the top of the fortress mound. The article is accompanied by an appendix which is an anthropological report on the research on four skeletons found in the site in 2013-2015. The report generally did not discuss or interpret the ceramic material. Additionally, the report contains the first version of the numbering of the discovered buildings, which was changed in 2017.

2. Metsamor: Research on the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Occupation of the Site from the Ararat Plain.
Metsamorian Readings I
Author: Krzysztof Jakubiak.
The content of the article is quite similar to the first field report, with publication some of the findings from 2016. The article can be considered as a kind of interim report written between the two field reports.

3. The New Pitois from the Settlement Area of Metsamor
Metsamorian Readings I.
Author: Tigran Zakyan.
In this article, the author presents in detail the findings of two storage jars from 2013, along with a discussion of the process of their reconstruction.

4. The Ancient Landscape of Metsamor
Metsamorian Readings I
Author: Otto Bagi.
The article is a broad attempt to reconstruct the landscape surrounding the site at the turn of the 2nd and 1st millennium BC. The author mentions, among others, aspects related to hydrological changes referring to the available historical records.

5. Report on the Aerial Surveying on Archaeological Sites in Armenia Done by Institute of Archeology of University of Warsaw and Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology in Years 2013-2016
Metsamorian Readings I
Author: Marek Truszkowski.
The author summarizes the results of four years of work on aerial documentation of four archaeological sites in Armenia: Metsamor, Avan, Zorats Karer and Odzaberd.

6. The Planigraphy of Small Finds from Metsamor Excavations: Results from Two Seasons (2015, 2016)
Metsamorian Readings I
Author: Mateusz Iskra.
The publication is an analysis of the distribution of small finds (beads, metal objects, bone tools etc.) together with an attempt at its initial contextualization.

7. Preliminary report on the 2016 season in Metsamor (Armenia)
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 26
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Mateusz Iskra, Ashot Piliposyan, Artavazd Zaqyan.
The second field report contains information about the results of work on the S5 structure and the western part of S8 and S9. Quite an important part of the article is the publication of a gold and carnelian necklace found near the structure of S9. In addition, the article contains the results of work on the kurgan mound no XVIII from adjacent cemetery.

8. 3D documentation in archaeological fieldwork: a case study from the site of Metsamor
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 26
Author: Otto Bagi,
This is a “technical” article detailing the photogrammetric documentation technique used in Metsamor with an illustration of the entire process.
– Aerial survey of the cemetery and surrounding fields at Metsamor, Polish Archeology in the Mediterranean 26. Authors: Marek Truszkowski, Otto Bagi. The article presents the preliminary results of the field and aerial survey of the areas to the north and east of the site, including a large fragment of the cemetery.

9. Metsamor (Armenia) after five seasons of excavations.
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 27/1
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Ashot Piliposyan, Mateusz Iskra, Artavazd Zakyan
The third field report summarizes the work on the structure of S11, S7, S9, as well as further exploration of S1. The article mentions, findings of two more storage jars and have basic information about two more skeletons discovered at the site. In addition, the article contains a presentation of the results of research on the kurgan mound no XIX.

10. Bronze and Iron Age pottery from Metsamor
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 28/2
Authors: Mateusz Iskra, Tigran Zakyan.
The first pottery report from the site. The publication describes in some detail the assemblage collected during the 2018 season.

11. Metsamor in Armenia: the sixth season of fieldwork in 2018
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 28/2
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Ruzan Mkrtchyan, Hasmik Simonyan
The fourth field report provides a more precise description of the S1 structure with its stratigraphy. Additionally, the structures S12, S13, S15 are described. A large part of the article is a description of the late Roman burials and finds associated with them. The article is accompanied by an appendix, which is the actual anthropological report on the research on the three skeletons from the above-mentioned burials.

12. Metsamor: topography of an Archaeological site near Metsamor River
Stories told around the fountain. Papers offered to Piotr Bieliński on His 70th Birthday
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Artavazd Zakyan.
The article attempts to reconstruct communication routes in the ancient fortress and settlement complex, describing the most important parts of the site. The article uses previously unpublished photos and information from Emma Khanzadyan’s previous excavations.


13. Metsamor: the Early Iron Age / Urartian settlement in the Aras Valley, Armenia
Antiquity 94/378
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Kinga Bigoraj
The publication is a synthesis of the current state of research on the site in the light of its development between the pre-Urartian and Urartian periods. The article also includes the first results of zooarchaeological research.


14. The Metsamor Project: Results Following Six Seasons of Field Excavations
Archaeology of Armenia I Regional Context
Authors: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Ashot Piliposyan. The article refers to the fourth field report with greater emphasis on the social contextualization of the observed changes in architecture and movable monuments between the 9th and 7th centuries BC.

15. Remarks on Deposition of Pottery in the Lower Town of Metsamor
Archaeology of Armenia I Regional Context
Author: Mateusz Iskra
The article focuses on the analysis of the ceramic material from Metsamor in terms of its deposition. The article describes, among others some regularities in the deposition of early and late Bronze Age pottery as well as the formation of deposition tanks in abandoned parts of the buildings.